The 56K.Cloud Launch

Company News Feb 8, 2018

We are happy to announce the official launch of 56K.Cloud. The Co-Founders Darragh Grealish and Brian Christner worked together on several projects ranging from Google GTUG, Akamai CDN, Swisscom Cloud, and more. Separately, we consulted on various projects for Cloud, Containers, DevOps, and Training. We have joined forces under one umbrella and formed 56K.Cloud GmbH (LLC,LTD in Switzerland).   The preparation that has gone into this launch is incredible. We have worked through several branding workshops, built our Managed Service catalog, combined our training curriculums, composed numerous CFP (Call for Proposals) for tech conferences and accepted by the way, and became a Swisscom Platinum Cloud Partner.  

About 56K.Cloud  

Back in 2016 cloud adoption was beginning to go main stream and a new understanding of running cloud-native workloads in shared environments was required. "Cloud" as a label was becoming quickly a known topic. Original focus was performance in the cloud, and to avoid a user-experience like a "56K Dial-up Modem" hence the name 56K. As the focus shifted towards DevOps and CI/CD pipelines, performance in the cloud was only a part of this larger challenge. It was evident a new focus was required. After running almost two years. And with quite some positive feedback regarding the name, most recently DockerConEU, people in the tech industry quickly related to "56K". After going through a branding project with (EYJA Schenkel/Glarbo, giving us a new logo and colors. We re-Incorporated the company as a GmbH (LLC,LTD) to include "me" Brian as a new Co-Founder.  

So what is 56K.Cloud?

Great question and one we get asked often when we say the name.  The idea behind 56K is from the 56K dial-up modems. Some might remember the unforgettable sound of a modem dialling in over the phone line;  BEEP, SHHH, BEEP, HISS connection sound. The connection speed was fast for the time but amazingly slow compared to today. Now, the `.Cloud` is the transformation of modem and all technologies to present day.  56K.Cloud transforms the old and slow technologies to Cloud, Containers, DevOps, and modern, without compromising on performance.  

The 56K.Cloud mission  

  1. Open Source - We believe and are committed to Open Source Software (OSS) and culture. It is our intention to create OSS that is available for our customers as well as the community as a whole.  
  2. Technology Native - 56K.Cloud's aim is to deliver the best solutions based on Cloud Native Foundation Standards and Open Standards. Not being tied to specific vendor or technology ensures that the best solution is our main interest.  
  3. DevOps Culture - DevOps is a word thrown around quite a lot these days. However, we see DevOps first as a culture and then a set of skills.  
  4. Open Culture - 56K.Cloud is 100% transparent with our operations and will be publishing our mission statement and business plan in the coming weeks. It is important that everyone knows and sees what we are doing.  
  5. Co-Located Events - The best way to learn or take part of of something is to immerse yourself into the topic. That is why it is important we host several training events a year in the Alps allowing participants to engage 2-3 days fully in training and workshops. It is one thing to attend a training or workshop but quite something else when co-located for a couple days, remote with a group of like-minded people.  

Find out more about 56K.Cloud  

We love Cloud, Containers, DevOps, and Infrastructure as Code. If you are interested in chatting connect with us on Twitter or drop us an email: info@56K.Cloud We hope you found this article helpful. If there is anything you would like to contribute or you have questions, please let us know!


Brian Christner

Brian Christner hails from Arizona but now resides in the Alps of Switzerland. Brian is a nominated member of the Docker Captain’s program and specializes in converting coffee into containers.

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