DockerCon 2020 Live Recap

Docker May 29, 2020

Wow, the first virtual DockerCon is in the books. With close to 70,000 attendee registrations, DockerCon performed flawlessly.

DockerCon used The Cube platform to perform the interviews and host the entire online conference. John Furrier, CEO from Cube365, took the helm to coordinate interviews. I must say I am impressed by how well the platform worked, considering so many people were online.

The keynote was quite cool. First, Docker CEO Scott Johnston starts the sessions with his son at home, reflecting on the Moby & Molly whales. The introduction brought a sense of reality to the situation of the COVID situation and lockdown, which is present in our daily lives. Even Docker's CEO is broadcasting the keynote from his home office, which brought it close to home for all of us.

DokerCon Live 2020 Keynote Scott Johnston

Scott Johnston is the first CEO I've seen in a long time, maybe since Solomon Hykes to do a live coding demo, which is quite refreshing to see.

Some interesting takeaways from the keynote:

Part 2 of the keynote was presented by one of my favorite speakers James Governor, Co-Founder of Redmonk (@monkchips). He is really an interesting character and shines an interesting perspective on the Open Source and Developer Culture. James highlighted the fact that

Virtual events are crushing it, James Governor
  • Microsoft Build normally 10'000 people, now 245,000+ registrations and 40,000 in the last day
  • RED Hat Summit - 80,000 registrations
  • IBM think -  90,000 registrations
  • GitHub another conference with huge numbers
James Governor Keynote

The big takeaway is we should Flyless and enable more Virtual events as they are more inclusive and better overall for people and the environment. Also, collaboration tools such as Zoom now have a bigger stock market capital than most of the big airlines combined which is pushing remote first globally. Finally!

After the Keynote I had multiple sessions open at the same time, jumping from tab to tab the entire conference. Also, seeing industry experts joining and answering questions in the chat makes the community even more approachable. No more standing in lines hoping to get in a session, bad conference food, or lines for everything from restrooms to the buffet.

I watched some fantastic sessions but have a queue of sessions still to watch. It was great watching Captains on Deck with some live hacking and learning. Also, some of the deep dive tracks were mind-blowing.

What was great is directly after each session the recording of the session and slides are instantly available, allowing people to go back and review anything they missed or had questions about the session. It's the equivalent of Netflix for conferences.

I also had the opportunity to present a session during DockerCon "How to become a Docker Power User using Microsoft Visual Studio Code". It was an enjoyable session and a bit strange seeing yourself present and live comments coming in at the same time. It was great to answer questions, drop links in the chat, and connect with many people. At one point, we had 5.6k viewers in the session, hint, hint 56K.Cloud is everywhere.

I've been fortunate to present at many conferences, but this is by far the most amount of Social Media interactions I've had and by far the most LinkedIn and Twitter connections made during a talk. I'm already looking to participate in more virtual events.

If you didn't catch my session here's the video:

DockerCon Recap

Would I recommend anyone to participate or host a virtual conference? Absolutely! I hope this becomes the standard going forward. We still need in-person events but maybe focus more locally and less globally and leave the global events to Virtual Events.

It was great catching up with the community members, Docker Captains, and learning a ton of new content. We need a few days to decompress from this event and catch up on all the content.

If you missed the event, no worries. You can rewatch all the content here, for free, from the comfort of your home  -

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Brian Christner

Brian Christner hails from Arizona but now resides in the Alps of Switzerland. Brian is a nominated member of the Docker Captain’s program and specializes in converting coffee into containers.

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