Innovation in Banking, St. Gallen - Apéro (18.03.2020)

Mar 2, 2020

On the 18th March 2019 at the Hotel Einstein we will co-host together with Amazon Web Services Switzerland an evening in cover Banking in the Cloud.

This is a co-hosted event with Docker Switzerland Meetup Group as a special event in St. Gallen about how the finance and banking industry. We will learn how these sectors are leveraging containers and the cloud to accelerate there innovation.

One of the main topics in the finance and banking industry is about API Management, Cloud Security and Governance. To help the industry we want to provide the opportunity to bring people from different companies together. You will hear from AWS (Amazon Web Services), their partners and from an innovative finance and banking start-up: Digitalspace.


Doors: 17:00
17:30: Intro to AWS Services and Customer user cases
We'll be covering how the diverse managed services of AWS cover a wide range of both security and rapid software delivery. We will also take a look a few use cases there.
Talk by Kevin Campbell, AWS and Darragh Grealish, 56K.Cloud
Darragh Grealish is the Co-Founder and active DevOps Engineer at 56K.Cloud GmbH,

18:00: Best practices regarding Banking & Governance in the cloud
Talk by Cyril Ruettimann, IPT Consulting

18:30: How financial organizations could reduce commercial and repetitional risk by knowing better their clients?
Talk by Adel Saadoune, Digitalspace

19:00 : Networking & Apero
AWS invite us to enjoy Drinks and Food

20:00: End

Venue: Amazon Web Services, Food/Drinks: 56K.Cloud, Digitalspace:??

Venue: Hotel Einstein, Berneggstrasse 2, 9000 St. Gallen

Title picture: from a previous meetup cover containers and tools to deliver innovate software for both on-prem and cloud.

RSVP: email or register at the link below:

Innovation in Banking Apero St. Gallen | Docker Inc.
I’m attending Docker Inc. Zürich w/ Innovation in Banking Apero St. Gallen on Mar 18, 2020

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Darragh Grealish

An Engineer by heart, I enjoy pushing the limits of technology and helping people to better understand the potential of technology in today's world, As Co-Founder of 56K.Cloud, I work on #Cloud #5G

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