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Cloud Dec 22, 2020

Learn how 56K.Cloud enabled to adopt cloud technology and host on Exoscale - Swiss Cloud Provider. We share a Q/A and Webinar.

Since when has 56k.Cloud offered the Exoscale cloud hosting platform?

56K.Cloud has offered Exoscale services since 2018. Even before we started offering Exoscale as an offering 56K.Cloud used and still uses internally Exoscale to power our VPN’s and other internal services.

As a specialist in cloud operations, what does 56k.Cloud particularly appreciate about Exoscale?
We appreciate the automation Exoscale has available including a Terraform provider and a very well documented API.

What is the added value of Exoscale as a platform for
Exoscale enables 56K.Cloud to provide Cloud services based in Switzerland that complements our automation tools. With transparent and easy to understand pricing tiers it is clear for our end customers what values 56K.Cloud and Exoscale bring to the table.

What does the offered cloud solution for the canton of Zug look like in detail?
Our goal for Canton Zug was to deliver a cloud solution which didn’t increase operations overhead and kept the technology stack simple yet flexible. We introduced Docker containers and DevOps during the project which enabled Canton Zug to take advantage of Open Source technologies like GitLab, Docker, Traefik, Prometheus, and Grafana.

The end result is that ZugMap is now delivered using Exoscale and a modern technology stack.

What role does Exoscale play?
Exoscale is the Cloud provider for this project. ZugMap is being delivered directly from Exoscale and serving the citizens of the Canton of Zug.

For what purpose does the Canton of Zug use the cloud solution you offer?
56K.Cloud and the Canton of Zug performed a thorough analysis of Cloud providers. We determined that the Exoscale features and pricing best aligned with the project's goals.

What has been the challenge of the Canton of Zug?
Some of the challenges during the project include the modernisation of some of the components of ZugMap.

How was the challenge of the Canton of Zug solved by 56K.Cloud in combination with Exoscale?
We successfully migrated all Linux and Windows components to containers enabling the Canton of Zug to automate their DevOps testing and deployments processes.

What are the benefits of the Canton of Zug through this solution?
The Canton of Zug is now enabled to easily deploy new versions of ZugMap through their DevOps process to multiple environments.

Why did the Canton of Zug choose 56K.Cloud and Exoscale?
56K.Cloud is a Swiss based DevOps engineering and consulting company focusing on automation, cloud, and containers. 56K.Cloud is proud and fortunate to be chosen by the Canton of Zug for the ZugMap project. Our partnership and transfer of knowledge to the Canton of Zug team will help propel the ZugMap project even further. Exoscale is the strategic infrastructure role in the project which helps deliver flexibility and agility in delivering the ZugMap services.


To find out more and learn about our work together with A1 Digital, Exoscale and Kanton Zug, feel free to visit the following links.

Exoscale guarantees the provision of services by 56k.Cloud creates technology stack for map project of the canton of Zug

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Exoscale - The European Cloud Platform
Exoscale is scalable and offers a european, cloud-based and GDPR compliant IT infrastructure.

In December 2020, Jochen Zehnder - Cloud Engineer at hosted a webinar covering the projects (Explained in German)

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