Bringing 5G to Developers: 56K.Cloud will be present at #MWC21 - #CLOUDCITY!

5G Jun 4, 2021

It's real, it's happening in-person and at Barcelona this year! The 56K.Cloud team will be present together with TelcoDR at Mobile World Congress 2021! This happens, First as real event and Second as a virtual event! 56K will exhibit at #CLOUDCITY Booth hosted by TelcoDR!

70% of our communication is physical, visual and feeling related

So why are we attending MWC21? Why In-Person? Why physically? After nearly 1.5 years working with little or no physical presence with customers and partners it's time! It's time we started to encourage the industry to open-up, get prepared, face the new reality and demonstrate successful in-person events. 70% of our communication is physical, visual and feeling related. As a consultancy and a heavy customer facing business this is essential for our success, not only as a business but also for our people. They have to form a daily stand point in convenience, generate rapport, and building trust with our customers. The last 18 months have been challenging and if we are to convince a new vertical to move to public cloud, well we better do it in-person and naturally.

Public cloud is making it's way to Communication Service Providers (CSPs) / Telecommunication Operators and Network Providers. With the rise of 5G and the ever increasing reliability required on the network (COVID, remote-working), developers and operators have to embrace the automation and developer experience offered by the cloud. We are bringing 5G to both cloud and application developers. Finally there is a mobile technology that can be automated, dynamically-orchestrated and adapted to the subscribers needs. The building blocks exist today for developers to see the network as an asset and the operators have to understand this need and address their next generation of network technology as an enabler. Not alone, but together with Apps, Cloud and Edge Cloud. 5G alone won't delivery on it's promise without a coherent, common and easy, accessible developer experience across all three topics.  

5G Developer

In order to combine the features of 5G in an application and cloud developers workflow, a new understanding of the network has to be built. This will lead to new use cases involving 5G as a hard requirement, that can address everything from guaranteed user experience, to application features on the edge. Such use cases include "smart factories", "autonomous mobility", "geo-fenced drone applications" and our own experiences on the mobile devices we carry around everyday. Mobile Operators have to address such needs, on a wider scale, not just on a limited case by case arrangement. This will provide enterprises with greater access and individual developers will finally get an easier access to the network without contractual and business process boundaries.

With the ever expanding reach of public cloud moving to the edge, like what we've seen with AWS Wavelength Edge Zones (see Verizon and Vodafone UK), the market is ready to integrate Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC) at a scale and developer accessibility not seen before. We will be showing how we are enabling this both as an AWS Outpost partner and technology solutions provider. More to come at #CloudCity from TelcoDR at MWC.

What will 56K.Cloud be presenting and demoing at MWC21

  • 5G Developer Platform - Automation and Programmatic access to 5G,
    We show how building a developer ecosystem on 5G technologies and public cloud is critical to the success of unique  use cases
  • 5G Modernisation - Use cases of Cloud and Edge Cloud
    How AWS Outpost for 5G is enabling the next shift in network transformation and enterprise customer solutions
  • 5G Monetisation - Understand how your developers start to see your network as asset and enabler in the next generation of 5G use cases.
    We show how AWS Wavelength and "Slice as Code" is creating a true MEC platform.

With COVID situation becoming safer and more manageable, we thank GSMA Mobile World Congress and TelcoDR for putting together a solid and well informed safety concept to finally host an in-person event. We really look forward to being part of this!

We look forward to hosting you at our both, come see us at #CLOUD CITY "Hall 2, Stand 2O60" Information about CloudCity: Link

Home - TelcoDR

Book your in-person meeting at #MWC21 with us (Link)

Find out more about 56K.Cloud

We love Cloud, IoT, 5G, Containers, DevOps, and Infrastructure as Code. If you are interested in chatting connect with us on Twitter or drop us an email: info@56K.Cloud or book a call with your team We hope you found this article helpful. If there is anything you would like to contribute or you have questions, please let us know!


Darragh Grealish

An Engineer by heart, I enjoy pushing the limits of technology and helping people to better understand the potential of technology in today's world, As Co-Founder of 56K.Cloud, I work on #Cloud #5G

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