Parsec support for AWS IoT Greengrass Nuclean - ARM and 56K Demo @ AWS Re:Invent 2021!

5G Dec 7, 2021

One of our most recent IoT projects has been with AWS and ARM, to enable ParSec support in Greengrass, If you remember Parsec? It's one of the CNCF projects 56K.Cloud work actively on building content and training, but in this project, we helped implement a Java Client en and used that java implementation in AWS Greengrass

Lets take a look at what AWS Greengrass Nucleaes v2 is all about

There were a few activities that lead up to this, for starters with ARM team we wanted to demonstrate PARSEC together with Greengrass, and V2 version Necleau, it's built on Java. Parsec didn't have support for that at the time, so we have the following ahead of us:

  • A Java Library that enabled PARSEC in this ecosystem
  • Support a native implementation in JAVA by use of Java Cryptograo Architecture of PARSEC,
  • Enabled AWS Greengrass v2 Neclcuess
  • Build that on ta AWS SystemReady ES platform, (Solid-Run MAchhhait0bin, see below)
  • Build an end-to-end demo for AWS ReInvent
  • Opensource both libraries and workshop content to allow for other developers

For the demo we used the recently certified Solid-Run Macchiatobin board, it hosts the Marvel ARMADA 8040 chip,

More details on the specific certification and solid run can be found here:

PARSEC AWS and 56K.Cloud Demo Recording

In this use-case we show 3 things; Greengrass running on a SBC with an ARM based SystemReady CPU ARMADA 8040, PARSEC service running on the same platform, AWS Greengrass PARSEC plugin exposing in Greengrass ecosystem access to the RoT on the ARMADA board.

if you'd like to see a more technical deep dive of the demo, check out our post over here:

IF you'd like to meet ARM, they will be present at Re:Invent at and if you'd like to know more about 56K.Cloud and our IoT offers, welcome to book a meeting here by our booth (#1667)

Re:Invent Chalk Talk, Nov 29th and 30th 2021

We are happy to have collaborated with AWS and ARM on this project and lanch the Availablity of Parsecc , working with ARM across engineers, business development and product management was both productive and fun!

Reed Hinkel on LinkedIn: #edgecompute #intelligentedge #cloudnativesecurity
Pleased to be working with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Greengrass Team and 56K.Cloud to seamlessly increase the reach of hardware backed security for...
Comments from ARM

What to know more details of ARMs involvement, Marc wrote a great artical here on the ARM community blog

Parsec enhances security for AWS IoT Greengrass
Arm and the team at 56K.Cloud enables Parsec in Greengrass 2.0 increasing the reach of hardware backed security for Edge and IoT Devices while supporting a cloud native development experience. Read more...

The work still continues and we would love to hear your feedback, contributions, and experiences with this work and how to take it further

UPDATE: February 24th 2022

On Innovation Coffee, Marc Meunier (ARM) and I along with our host Robert Wold (ARM) presented a complete overview here

The full hour covers everything from PARSEC, AWS Greengrass and the hardware used along with the development work required to enabled an agnostic approach to hardware security across platforms and devices

Want to know more?

Enjoyed learning IoT and Security, If you’d like to know more about 56K.Cloud or the benefits of Cloud Adoption, Container and DevOps Automation, IoT or 5G, book a meeting with us.

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