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Company News Sep 18, 2020

Over the last few months we've been building up our sales and business development area of the business. Earlier this year when I was doing some research and networking we found Manuel Hartman from the "" Since then it's been both an interesting and positive experience, and we are happy to share that with you today.

Sales and BizDev is vast topic, but well defined business in itself. Something the we had no real talent and experience in. After some moonlighting various business sales meetups (when you could do that) we came across Manual Hartmann. He recently setup a new startup "" which focuses on training, acceleration consulting and coaching on all sales and marketing topics in the modern world. Many of his clients are already technical,  After some initial calls we began to understand the value he delivers. As we where challenged and it was becoming a frustration in 56K.Cloud to grow that side of the business. Initially we set out to bring a "non-tech approach to cloud technology adoption", it's very important that our sales and marketing framework is properly setup to focus on the non-tech clients we tend to attract. As I'm happy we can share that journey as a tech company facing the non-technical challenges.  Allot you can learn from and how Manuel at TheSalesplaybook has been addressing these challenges.

In early February 2020, We met Manuel at a talk he presented at the Monthly Swiss SaaS Builders meetup, He kicked off the meeting with a very intriguing talk, covering a broad topic however being accurate, to the point and giving background to each statement. For me there was allot of take aways that evening. And it didn't feel like a sales pitch ;) But then again, "A Sales consulting selling sales advice" has to have on hell-of-a pitch to frame the value. That evening I started to see the value that we struggled to see before.

Manuel Presenting at the Swiss SaaS builders meetup - Digicomp February 2020

After some discussion and learning about his background, offerings and existing clients, we had a first invite for a call not too long after meeting at the event. At first where timid on moving forward, naturally enough this isn't our domain and we are not the best judgement of such topics. That said, with the various initial pitches Manuel provides I could check his approach with other friends in the industry. Along with the various recorded content he provides over,, Linkedin and his website, It was clear this was going to be interesting, but also interesting for him to see how his industry is change and Manual was positioning himself on that wave of change. Surfing each peak to the next.

One example of the various video presentations

So we decided to give The Sales Playbook Accelerator offering a spin, as it's the package is a monthly subscription  the financial burden isn't too high as you instantly get access to all the content. At first it's quite overwhelming the hours of videos, posted content and documents. Everything from canned emails to sales pitches are documented in there. But it doesn't stop there, we went for the middle tier offering; it included, bi-weekly call, group weekly calls and sales pipeline reviews, reviews of pitch desks and access to a monthly group call where other customers of Manuel can share there current sales and marketing challenges.

Sales Group calls are great, we meet other customer of "TheSalesPlaybook"

Possible one of the most valuable services today is the one-on-one sales pipeline review, about every two weeks we get the chance to share with Manuel and his team our current leads, pitch decks. In these sessions Manuel's feedback has been exceptional, with super accurate perspectives of how we could address various concerns and questions our clients  would bring up. Without even attending the client meeting directly he's able to articulate the story extremely well! We've been very impressed in these sessions and for our small team it provides a safety net to drop back to on the sales and marketing topics that we are no expert on. (well not yet ;) that is..

Another major outcome of our work with Manuel and aligned with the COVID situation, is our training offerings. As large part of this was on-premise with clients. We lost allot of work, but we developer a plan to bring this into a online video training package, Much of this offering was inspired and co-created with TheSalesPlaybook, and we are happy to share with you that progress. Again monetising on our existing skills by looking at opportunities from a different perspective.  The 56K.Cloud Training Platform

About 3 months working, @Brain Christner was able to apply allot of the learning from Manuel to create this offering. It's still evolving and we hope to launch soon, but so far we've got great feedback from a small community of users.

Inspired by the tools Manuel uses too, we built and soon the white-labelled offering /w Kajabi "Brian Christner"

In Short, we are very happy we found a "non-tech" itch to scratch and develop out something with advise and guidance from "TheSalesPlaybook" team, If you interested in too getting a non-commit call, feel free to reach out to us at and/or reach out to Manuel directly. Here's a recent interview Manuel conducted

We are excite to continue with TheSalesPlaybook and look forward to building out even more exciting products and services together! Keep in touch and watch out for the next blog post on our Biz/Dev content!

If you'd like to know more 56K.Cloud and of course the benefits of Cloud Adoption, Containers and DevOps Automation IoT and 5G, feel free to reach out to info@56K.Cloud to learn more about our services, development, training and solutions.


Darragh Grealish

Among with Brian Christner

An Engineer by heart, I enjoy pushing the limits of technology and helping people to better understand the potential of technology in today's world, As Co-Founder of 56K.Cloud, I work on #Cloud #5G

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